Pass The NPTE In Less Than 12 Weeks... Without Studying > 4 Hours Per Day! 

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For The Type A Student Who Needs To Get Shown: Exactly What To Study, When To Study, & How To Study


Join The PT Hustle's First Turn-Key NPTE Preparation Program

Imagine Having Your Entire NPTE Study Plan Mapped Out For You From Day 1 Until You Pass!

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What Does A Turn-Key NPTE Program Mean For You? 



Lead By: Dr. Kyle Rice (Coach K)

Type: 24/7 Access NPTE Independent Program (Online)

What Does A Turn-Key Independent Program Mean For You? 

By The End Of Week 1 - 2

You're going to be 100% clear on what you need to study, how deep to go into each topic, and when you'll need to study throughout each week. By the end of Week 2, you'll know exactly what needs to be done to pass the NPTE. 

By The End Of Week 3 - 4

You're going to know how to convert EVERYTHING that you learn into long term memory. You will be taught the top five study techniques to help you apply any NPTE concept.

By The End Of Week 4 - 6

You're going to know how to learn more in less time, freeing up 15-20 hours a week to have fun with friends/family and preparing for your new future as a physical therapist. 

By The End Of Week 6 - 11

You will know exactly how to never have a non-productive study day again. If you don't want to study out of the books today don't worry there are hundreds of hours of high quality videos teaching 90% of the content that shows up on the NPTE. Just pick your lecture topic sit back and watch Dr. Rice teach it to you. 

By The End Of Week 11 - 12

Imagine feeling the most prepared you've ever been for exam. Confident that you know the outcome before you even step foot in the test center. After week 12, for the first time you will feel proud of what you've done and accomplished. Prepared and ready to go into the exam and CRUSH IT!

Please Take A Second To Ask Yourself The Following Questions...

Are You Worried About Not Passing The NPTE? 

Are You Unsure About The Most Effective Way To Prepare For The Exam?

Would You Like To Learn How Raise Your NPTE Score By Just Using The Knowledge That You Already Have?

Do You Feel That You'll Make A Great Clinician But You Just Need To Get Past This One Obstacle? 

Have You Realized That Studying For The NPTE Is Not Like PT School & You Definitely Need A Better Game Plan? 

Are You About To Start Preparing For The NPTE And Want To Make Sure It's "One & Done"? 

If You've Answered "YES" To Any Of The Questions Above, I Want To Invite You To Sign Up For A Seat In The Program Before Registration Ends!

Yes! I Need This Program!
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  • NPTE Prep Success Independent Program  ($1997 Value)

  • Full Lecture Library - 100+ Hours Of Top Performing NPTE Lectures ($997 Value)

  • NPTE Test Strategy Playbook Course ($397 Value)

  • NPTE Prep Success Coaching Guidelines ($197 Value)

  • BONUS: Unlimited Course + Video Library Upgrades -1 Year Plan ($199 Value)

    Total Value: $3,787

    Total Investment: $1297




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Travis Coombs

 It’s 100% DIFFERENT from anything else out there!!!! It’s personal, customized to your individual needs, and worth every penny! Not only did I pass, but I increased my score by over 118 points๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜

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Jamie T.

I am horrible at standardized testing & I knew that going into this. I took the course & passed boards on the first attempt. I hands down recommend!

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Rachel Masciarelli

You will not only be able to go in to test day confident, cool, calm, and collected, but you'll also be able to have the satisfaction that you were given all the correct tools necessary to pass. His lectures alone are guaranteed 32+ points... just saying. 


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